Sunday, November 4, 2007

Soccer and a Movie anyone?

So, Sat. nite Lindsey & Ann invited us to go to the movies, but 'Ria was playing soccer that nite also, and so, we kind of split, if ya know what I mean, Durham went to the movies, and Bay, Braxton and I went to 'Ria's soccer-heading game. I wasn't sure whether to cheer her on or go get the paramedics. She headed the ball a couple of times and got crunched by some huge guy on the other team, who I swore aloud on the bleachers,(sitting there by myself) that I was going to have to kill. Check over the right & left shoulder, hmmm... noone seemed to care. Fine, so I have no eye witnesses. Perfect! When the game ended I asked her if I should make sure she & Brax got home ok; she smiled and said she was fine. So, as we arrived home, she said that she felt like her toenails had been bent backwords. Nice, so upon inspection, we find that, yes, bilaterally her big piggies are a lovely shade of torquoise. Not a good color for toenail polish I warn you, even without the pain. She walks really funny and I told her it was a good thing I had her to help me carry in the heavy stuff prior to this event. She did not even smile at me; which I assume means that she does not think that I am funny. However, I do, and this is fine with me. What did the little mom say for her specifically not to do?! (Not to get hurt!) Well, this is minor, however she has a game on Tues. and I don't think the flip-flops she's been wearing around the house are gonna cut it. Go figure! She scored 2 points for the team, but was ticked about that, because if she were a guy, it would have only been 1 point.

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