Saturday, November 10, 2007


So, I didn't get the pinata of last year from Durham, or the birthday banner from my Bailie Sue, no breakfast in bed and nothing from Jim from Alco. (what a gift in and of itself!) But, I got to talk to my Suzie Q online which was awesome because turns out she feels more comfortable talking online and she was her usual chatty self; talking about nothing in-particular and enjoying every minute of it! It was so fun! I didn't get to talk with the little man; he did however, present himself when he delivered a barf-flavored jelly bean to his sister, and she was not impressed! Surprising, really. It was then my nite to cook, and so I made Swedish meetballs, and green cookies. I never did get to the cake I was going to bake; probably tomorrow instead. 'Ria had to head out to her soccer game regardless of the fact that she can barely walk & so Braxton and I hung out, however not before listening to Grandma and him singing zippity-do-dah...and watching the Jazz. Interesting combo.

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