Monday, November 5, 2007

Carpe' Diem; To Seize or not to Ceize the Day

Last Tues., my neurologist in Logan gets the re-results of my EEG; in other words, he didn't get the actual picture, he got the report that they already discussed with me. This was the newest version of what is wrong with me in his words. My EEG shows seizure discharges in my brain minus the simultaneous symptoms, they came separately, and so, I am not having seizures. I am simply stressed. This may very well be true, however, he was not able to clarify to me, why, though the two (seizure discharges and symptoms) are not in sync., why it is that they are transformed into nothingness... don't get me wrong, I would like that, but I just didn't get it. 'Ria says to me, "So what if you are just recognizing the symptoms prior to the EEG picking them up?" Yeah, huh?! What about that little important question?! Well, I'll take the no seizures provided I can quit having symptoms. I'm off Dylantin, so this is good, however, on Saturday, I had extrememe weakness, SOB & brain fog, all day long until about 10 o'clock at night. I remained up and even had Durham help me get the boxes in from the garage and down to the basement, but it was difficult because I could barely move my legs; they felt like giant weights. Well, I told the Doc. that if it is stress, then, getting some exercise to get the endorphins all fired up was my stress-reduction plan. So, I will add this to my daily diet of life.

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