Sunday, November 11, 2007

"My Car has an Overbite!"

So, ya wanna hear a funny story? I walk into the Cutrubus in Layton, (who can fix my ailing VW bug,) I believe, or maybe it is still Kaysville, I have difficulty discerning the bounderies, and I say to the serviceman at the counter, "My car has an overbite!" He says, "Explain that" and I say, "Well, I ran over a foot-high boulder out in Heber, and upon impact, it ripped off the entire grill; my car has an overbite" He is laughing, and says, "an overbite, huh?!" "Yes," I reply, "an overbite" He assessed the damages, and it'll cost me about $1000 smackaroos just for parts. I've got a $100-500 dollar detuctible to pay and I can get it's mouth worked on; hopefully on Monday. So there ya go; crazy thoughts from an insomniac in Kaysville, Ut.

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