Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Roller Runner on Temple Square

That was my boy on Saturday; of course I only let him use his roller runners on the outside of temple square and when we got to the gates, he had to shut them down. He had a great time on the hills; Bay & I each grabbed a hand and went "full speed ahead." While we were heading uphill with him, Bay being the wonderful, tormenting, big sister that she is, threatened that she was going to let go and let him fly backwords downhill. One older gentleman exclaimed as he passed us, "He's the smart one!" and another lady as I apologized for making such a racket right behind her stated that she wished she had some. So, all in all we had a lot of fun and entertained a few people along the way. Bailie and Durham took a bunch of pics with their new cell phones that they gave to each other early for Christmas, and since they are the only ones with descent cameras, if their internet could get fixed, Bay would send me some pics and then I could share them with you, but til then, this blog remains very lengthy in lavish lingo.

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