Sunday, October 28, 2007

A..mazing Corn!!

The kids and I got some hot cocoa to warm up on a chilly nite before heading out to the corn maze. The corn was good! No, really, it was less claustrophobic than I had imagined it would be and this was disappointing as we were hoping to get a little lost, like you do on paper, only personally. Durham was a little scared of the dark even with the full moon shining on us like a lightbeam. Then when his Dad and he hid and jumped out at Bailie and I, he seemed to forget all about the dark and needing a flashlight. Dad told him it was funner to be the thing in the dark than to be scared of the thing in the dark. Bailie then decided that screaming that high-pitched shrill squeal of hers would be an excellent entertainment for the masses; this she did at intervals. We did hear horses hoofs pounding towards us at one point and that made the heart pump just a bit, but then it stopped, so this is how we made our way through the maze. We will try a different version of the corn maze next year. Bailie did decide that she needed to take a souvenir ear. So, to the people of the corn harvest: "I'm hungry and I appologize!"

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Maria said...

Debbie ---
sounds like you guys had a lot of fun! I will keep checking your blog to see what is going on :)
Love yer lil sis! Baklava!